The new generation multifunctional stove is entirely smoke free and will
have your sauna ready for a bath in minutes.

The sauna is an important element of the Finnish culture. During the years
different sauna models have been altered and improved in order to achieve the ultimate sauna experience. As a part of this development we now also introduce
the Fin-Steam stove.

It is light and easy to transport and can be used at different locations.

Fin-Steam is manufactured entirely out of stainless steel and has a 9,2 kW gas burner that will heat the sauna in just minutes. It is corrosion protected
throughout, which makes it possible to use sea water for both steaming and washing. No complicated installations are required.

The gas heater has a stepless regulation of the flame, thus making it easy to
choose the desired temperature. As the water in the cointainer starts to boil
an even flow of steam is released making the sauna experience even more enjoyable.

The lower part of the stove can beused for cooking and is perfectly suited for
e.g. wookdishes. The stove does not create soot or smoke, and is not harmful
to the nature.

The stove is ready to use on delivery. No chimney is needed and the minimum ventilation requirements are 350 cm2 air intake at floor level and 200 cm2 at
the ceiling.

The Fin-Steam stove is CE-maked to European standard and fills all saftety regulations.

Fin-Steam with steatite H55cm D= 39cm +the burner extends 18 cm
Water tank 3,5 litres, weight 40 kg (with steam stones 55 kg)
FS with steel bars
LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) usage on full effect 669 g./hour
The burner is oprimized for spaces below 8m3

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